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Featuring artists,composers, educators, scientists, spiritual teachers, kids and 'humans-without-definitions', as well as the voices of whales, birds, and other creatures, our films traverse the planet revealing a soulful, musical recognition 'softwired' into the core of humanity, reminding us who we are. Our mssion is to affirm an underlying,
universal connection- aka 'the Great Song'-
while encouraging the unique creative expression of individuals everywhere.

Being non-material, the Great Song has always been and will always be. Transcendent of religion and culture while at the same time expressing at the heart of every religion and culture, it serves as a universal metaphor for peacemaking between people of differing faiths, beliefs, languages, and cultures.

Brother David Steindl-Rast, 'Hymn to the Great Song'

  Stephan Thelen, 'Windows on Other Worlds'

Song Without Borders is an initiative celebrating 'the Great Song', the original sound vibration. We produce resources which catalyze expression, honor the music within and celebrate the connection between one's inner song and the Great Song.

Our programs and resources inspire expression, in whatever way it may emerge. As one's 'inner songmaker' awakens, an integrating process of self-discovery can ultimately lead to the music beneath the outward flow of sound, melody and lyric- the 'song behind the song'. Our programs and resources are designed to help people

• Liberate creativity
• Cultivate self-acceptance & empathy
• Empower and encourage self-worth
• Demonstrate the power of the present
• Reduce anxiety around loss
• Build artistic bridges between people and cultures
• Rekindle the spirit beyond the belief in separation


• Producing film & audio recordings
• Designing programs for both Youth & Adults
• Delivering these programs through community networks, schools, libraries, hospitals, hospices, churches, choirs
• Encouraging corporate and nonprofit alliances
• Developing PR campaigns, i.e. No Voice Left Behind

Audio Resources and Film previously funded through private sponsorship:

The Honoring- a musical ceremony for community healing and growth
SongSourcing TrackPack One- resource for songmaking as a creative healing art.
Shining Night- film about the composer of 'music which moves the world'.





About the Film Series:

In Search of The Great Song is designed to inspire remembrance of an underlying connection through creative expression while exploring themes of singing and songmaking in particular. As such, the series highlights expressions of an active global movement of creative expression while focusing awareness on a worldwide phenomenon of people afraid to sing, or express their creative self, unless they believe their offering is 'perfect'.

Produced by Michael Stillwater and Doris Laesser Stillwater, a series of documentaries is in development, each episode featuring a different expression around the theme of 'The Great Song'. The films include both known and unknown artists, teachers, scientists, elders and youth.

music never ends

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