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Inner Harmony

Resources and Programs for Meeting the Music in You
Partner & Online Distributor
Michael Stillwater, Founder

Camille Adair
Executive Director, Living Bridges
filmmaker, the Solace Series
Creator of FairCare

Ursula Lamberson
Founder, Harmonic Fusion

Morten Lauridsen
Choral Composer, subject of film, Shining Night

Dan Alvarez
Sound engineer, Shining Night / Musaic

Joel Helmlinger
Video engineer, Shining Night- Ground15 Productions

Chloe Goodchild

Founder, The Naked Voice

Gary Malkin
Founder, Wisdom of the World
Co-author with Michael Stillwater, Graceful Passages

Wayne Rudy Enterprises
Webmaster of this site

YouTube Channel
A variety of filmclips to enjoy

Vimeo Channel
A variety of filmclips to enjoy

IMDB Pages

Film Shining Night; Director Michael Stillwater.



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