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Music from In Search of The Great Song film series

(We would) treasure the ancient sounds and songs that the indigenous peoples of the world have preserved no matter what they're facing. They preserve the oldest songs of the planet, and the essential Great Song that we're all participating in. -Angeles Arrien, cultural anthropologist

From a long long time ago, when first light was created, we were taught these songs, these dances, these movements, of the understanding of who we are and what we are. - Lewis Walker, Bunjalong Guardian, Australia

In my tradition there is no Great Song, nor is there a small song. There is simply song. -Tito La Rosa, Peruvian Music Healer

The Great Song is around you for every breath you take. Without the Great Song man would have no voice. -Angaangaq, Greenland shaman


shining awakening beginning Our intention is to inspire the remembrance of an underlying connection while encouraging creative expression, exploring themes of singing and songmaking in particular. As such, the series brings awareness to a worldwide epidemic of people afraid to sing, or express their creative self, unless they believe their offering is 'perfect', while highlighting an active
global movement of creative expression.

Produced by Michael Stillwater and
Doris Laesser Stillwater, a series of feature documentaries is in development, each episode featuring a different expression around the theme of 'The Great Song'. The films include both known and unknown artists, teachers,
scientists, elders and youth.

From earliest human culture, song has been an essential way of communicating feelings, sharing tribal experiences, bonding, encouraging, mourning, and celebrating.

Angaangaq, Greenland, and Lewis Walker, Australia

Keepers of the Song explores the meaning of this song-bond in our times, including through interviews with musical shamans both traditional and non-traditional.

Our first interviewees on this theme were Lewis Walker and Mbon of Southeast Australia, Angaangaq of Greenland, Tito La Rosa of Peru, and Emaho of Native American ancestry. We also interviewed Karin Jana Beck of Switzerland, who researches the old Swiss songs.

Angeles Arrien, cultural anthropologist, narrates on the varieites of song as ceremony throughout the world.

Tito La Rosa, Peruvian Musical Shaman

Project in development.

This film, and other films in development, are made possible by generous donations from people who feel resonant with this work- thank you for your support!

We invite your contribution to help bring Keepers of The Song to completion. When making a donation, after clicking on 'donate' button, under the heading marked 'add special instructions to the seller', please indicate a project of special interest, or simply write 'use where most needed'. Fiscal sponser is Green Hospice, aka Living Bridges, a 501(c)3 nonprofit in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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