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In Search of the Great Song offers a vast field to explore with a widely differentiated array of themes and subjects. Enjoy these short films focusing upon different facets of the Great Song, some of them seed ideas for series episodes.

If any of these themes finds a strong resonance with you, let us know.
We are always interested to discuss developing these projects- in particular if there is an audience interested in the subject and a way to connect with them.

Hymn to The Great Song with Br. David Steindl-Rast
Brother David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine monk know worldwide for his contribution to interfaith dialogue and advocacy for the power of gratitude, speaks of song born in silence, St. Francis, and the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke.

Paul Mealor & The Great Song of Wales
Paul Mealor, a Welsh composer, conductor and educator, is composer of the Ubi Caritas performed during the 2011 wedding ceremony of William and Kate (Duke and Duchess of Cambridge). Here, Mealor speaks on the role of song in the life of Wales.

Beginner's Mind- An Interview With Nick Woolsey

A modern master in the art of 'Poi', Nick Woolsey share on the perils of getting 'real good' at something- and the thrill of learning anew from a 'beginner's mind'.

Royal Swedish Marching Band
Filmed at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, Sweden, the bandleader of the Royal Swedish Marching Band shares about their music and the marvelous capacity available everywhere for people to express their own music.

Windows to Other Worlds
Stephan Thelen- a musician, composer and professor of mathematics and physics from Switzerland- reflects on the Great Song from the standpoint of language and mathematics while accompanying a track from this most recent album, mise en abyme.

Christmas Oratorio
The Christmas Oratorio by Johann Sebastian Bach was composed and performed in 1734, and not heard again until 120 years later. Listen to an excerpt from this musical adaptation of the Christmas story, performed in Augustiner Church in Zurich, Switzerland on December 19, 2010.

Gary Zukav & The Great Song
Gary speaks about his passion for writing unhindered by mental concepts- from the place of 'authentic power'- which he equates with expression from 'the Great Song'. He further invites the viewer to make choices in their life which lead to meaningful action, their unique expression of 'the Great Song'. Gary is joined by his wife, Linda Francis, co-founder of the Seat of the Soul Institute.

Rachmaninov Vespers
Choral performance of Rachmaninov Vespers by Solothurner Vokalisten and BernChor21, conducted by Patrick Oetterli and Patrick Ryf. Jane Tiik, interviewed soloist. Performance at Franziskanerkirche, Solothurn, Switzerland, on March 14, 2010.

The Heart of Singing & Conducting with Nicol Matt
Nicol Matt is a conductor from Germany with over 100 recorded CDs of classical choral music, from Renaissance to the most contemporary. He has collaborated with contemporary composers such as Morten Lauridsen, John Rutter, Bob Chilcott, Ola Gjeilo, Robert Paterson, and others. Here he is shown helping musicians perform with an open heart.

Reflections/Expressions- Cortona-India 2010

The Cortona-India conference in Hyderabad, November, 2010, brought graduate university students from India and Europe together with teachers, workshop leaders, artists, psychologists, and a variety of educators. Founded by Prof. Pier Luigi Luisi 25 years ago in Cortona, Italy, this was the first conference outside of Italy. In this film student participants and conference leaders share creative reflections and expressions, with reference to 'song' as a universal connector.

Awakening Our Relationship with Trees
Activating the subtle energetic matrix of trees, a group of eco-spirit 'evolutionaries' complete the activation of 6,000 trees in a forest near Santa Cruz, California. Guided by a similar activity initiated by the Federation of Damanhur in Italy, Jim Garrison, founder of Wisdom University and the State of the World Forum, together with eco-spirit activists Wendy Grace, Teresa Collins, and Starr Atherton describe their experience of deepening their relationship with trees.

Projects in Development

These films, and other new films in development, are made possible by generous donations from people who feel resonant with this work- thank you for your support!

We invite your contribution to help bring these films to completion. When making a donation, under the heading marked 'add special instructions to the seller', please indicate a project of special interest, or simply write 'use where most needed'. Fiscal sponser is Green Hospice, aka Living Bridges, a 501(c)3 nonprofit in Santa Fe, NM.


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