Emahó Montoya, was born of Native American ancestry in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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For over thirty years in America and Europe Emahó has taught the fire dance, a unique ceremony for cultivating understanding through the heart.





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Walk On
by Gary Malkin & Dan Alvarez
and Drums of Emaho, From Film Trailer

Where Fire Meets Water: Emahó's Dance at the Edge of the World
is a documentary film about Emahó Montoya, a man born of Native American ancestry who teaches through fire. This film expands the definition of the Great Song to a harmonic beyond music, a place of possibility where the mystery within may awaken. (Note: project no longer in development)

Where Fire Meets Water:
Emahó's Dance at the Edge of the World
(pause auto-music player above before viewing)

Emahó teaches the Fire Dance as a path of the heart, of reconnecting to one's authentic self. The Dance is not from any known tradition on earth, but arose out of his deep intuitive wisdom gained from years of inner journeys.

Trailer filmed by Michael Stillwater and Doris Laesser Stillwater in Teufen and Basel, Switzerland. Music: Walk On by Gary Malkin & Dan Alvarez, Drums of the Fire Dance by Emahó.

Project no longer in development. We continue to develop new projects; if you are inspired by our focus, and wish to contribute, simply write 'use where most needed'. Fiscal sponsor is Living Bridges, aka Green Hospice, a 501(c)3 nonprofit in Santa Fe, New Mexico.



About the Film Series:

Our intention is to inspire the remembrance of an underlying connection through creative expression while exploring themes of singing and songmaking in particular. As such, the series brings awareness to a worldwide epidemic of people afraid to sing, or express their creative self, unless they believe their offering is 'perfect'- while highlighting an active global movement of creative expression.

Produced by Michael Stillwater and Doris Laesser Stillwater, a series of documentaries is in development, each episode featuring a different expression around the theme of 'The Great Song'. The films include both known and unknown artists, teachers, scientists, elders and youth.

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