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Music from In Search of The Great Song film series

Song Without Borders
produces resources and programs for re-connecting to one's inner song.
This inner song expresses through a multitude of ways, some of which are presented in these films.

Shining Night:
A Portrait of Composer Morten Lauridsen

Our first film is of a National Medal of Arts recipient
whose radiant choral works provide inspiration and solace for singers and listeners worldwide.

Keepers of The Song
(in development)

From earliest human culture, song has been an essential way of expressing feelings,
sharing stories, and honoring passages.

In Search of The Great Song
(in development)

Throughout the known universe, demonstrated within all living beings, a creative pulse is vibrating- what could be called The Great Song. In this unfolding documentary, the dual themes of societal repression and triumphant expression of the individual's unique song, their voice in The Great Song, is explored.


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We hope these films inspire you to remember
and express your part of 'the Great Song'.


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